Why We Use Hemp Seed Oil...

Contrary to popular belief, this stuff does not get you high, and I'm pretty sure the stuff we use won't cure cancer, but what do I know, I make beard and tattoo products!

Hemp Seed Oil is incredibly beneficial for skin care and hair care. It has been shown to soothe inflammation, hydrate the skin and even prevent acne. It is chock full of the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 which are similar to the lipids our skin naturally produces. As a moisturiser it can help rehydrate the skin and even improve your skins elasticity (that's a good thing).

The Omega-6 is a bit of a hero here, especially for our bearded blokes who have suffered from "the itch" before, because it rehydrates the skin and brings oxygen to it. Psoriasis is actually caused by an Omega-6 deficiency and Hemp Seed Oil has been used for years to help treat it.

It's also got Vitamin A and Vitamin E, two more legends which are great for conditioning and treating skin and hair. The stuff is so good that a bunch of nutritionists even recommend taking a spoonful of the stuff to aid with digestion and inner health. I've tried it a few times while whipping up a batch of balm (think Homer Simpson at the gas station, one for you, one for me) but it doesn't taste great and drinking oil is kinda weird so I don't know if I added any years to my life. What I do know is that this stuff is awesome for your hair and skin and because we're dealing with the toughest hair on your body and open wounds with tattoos I am happy to put my faith in this green liquid!