Skincare: Coz men care!

Hot damn!

I haven't done a blog post in ages. We have been busy with new stores coming on, some big events like the Sydney Tattoo Expo and Melbourne Meat Stock and some other sh*t.

Just wanted to shove my head in here for a minute to say that we are going to break in to the men's skin care business. Coz every motherf*cker has skin and I don't want you putting crap on it.

We have been working with some of the best of the best from around Melbourne when it comes to looking after your biggest organ (Nah mate, the organ you're talking about isn't THAT big) and we want to make sure the blokes of Australia and the world are putting the best products on their skin.

I also wanna say that we really appreciate all the support we have had from small and local businesses, you guys keep us doing what we do and we love it. I won't dog the boys that are bigger and tried to make us their bitch but you know who you are and we have learned valuable lessons.

But yeah, stayed tuned and all that!




Dan Trotter

Owner/ Director